This project involved restoring the Maple hardwood floors throughout the main level ( living room, dining room, formal dining room, kitchen, foyer, hallway). It also included sanding and refinishing the stair case and upstairs hallway.


Because maple is a high density wood, it requires more sanding than oak hardwood flooring. In any sanding job, it is important to remove the sanding lines created by the previous grit sanding cut. So, in this case, the surface  had a 40, 80, 100 grit schedule. The floors were then buffed with a light sanding pad to remove any raised grain. It is important not to sip a grit or burn marks will occur. This indicates the paper is failing to remove the previous machine lines. The consequences will be a poor-looking sanding job. Ultimately, upon the proper sanding, machine marks are extremely faint. We finished the floors with three applications of a Commercial water-base urethane. This finish is a hard wearing product and will protect the wood surface for many years when properly maintained. For many years, we used an oil-base urethane, but the technology of a certain water-base urethane wares better.

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