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quality floor refinishing - hardwood floors

Welcome to Ace Floor Refinishing! Your floors are one of the most abused components of your home. Not only are they expected to suffer dirty shoe traffic, spills and grime everyday, they are also expected to bounce back to their wonderful appearance.

Ace Floor Refinishing can help keep your floors looking their best. We offer a full line of services to restore and protect your floors:

  • Sanding and Refinishing
  • Re-Coating
  • Installation of New Hardwoods

Handyman Services

We are also skilled in home handyman services. Finding the right person for a handyman is tough as it involves a high level of knowledge.

Whether it's floors, doors, refinishing furniture as well as painting (interior and exterior) or other general repairs, we can do it at an affordable price.


Call us for competitive pricing.
Michael Mullican - Proprietor